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Arizona, Biochemistry student, critical theorist, multicultural fanatic, marxist, thinker?

August 20th     11:50 pm

~ Summer Serenity Part 6 ~ 

Oregon Coast, Redwood National Park and San Francisco. I returned home Saturday, to a place which no longer feels like “home”. Drove over 6,000 miles, including 1,200 miles right along the coast of the pacific ocean, 4 national parks and 12 states. Beauty exists, beauty persists, travel is a madness that burns. 

August 20th     10:59 pm

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August 20th     6:39 pm

Dr Hunter S. Thompson gets himself ready for an interview,

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August 20th     2:30 pm

“ Standing on a street corner waiting for no one is Power. ”

— Gregory Corso 

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August 20th     2:27 pm

Anonymous: Hmm.. I think what I want to do is the opposite of assassinating you. But I understand your paranoia

Speak to me in person, or off this “anonymous”, otherwise simply leave me alone. 

August 20th     1:03 pm

Anonymous: Come to the Firehouse downtown this Friday in the evening...

So you can assassinate me? 

I’m good. 

August 20th     11:33 am

August 19th     11:14 pm

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August 19th     11:24 am

“ Identifying as queer isn’t simply a matter of swapping your straight hat for a feather boa. For most of us, it is a lifelong process of crafting bodies, relationships, and selves that can make our lives fuller, our art more vibrant, and the task of existing a little less destructive. ”

Jesi Egan, Sexuality is a ‘social construct

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August 19th     11:22 am

William S. Burroughs adjusting his glasses in Tangier. 

William S. Burroughs adjusting his glasses in Tangier. 

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